“Cornerstones was invaluable when I started writing, and their advice and support built my confidence. Since winning a competition by Greenhouse Literary Agency I now have an agent and a publisher!”

Swapna Haddow, Dave Pigeon, Faber Children’s

US Rates and Packages

Since 1998 CornerstonesUK has been helping authors jump from the slush pile to representation and publication with a range of competitive, bespoke packages, and a team of top editors. We do this by offering comprehensive editorial services and acting as scouts for agents. And now we’re in America!

Whether you’re in the early stages of a draft, have revised several times, are ready to submit, or seek one-to-one workshopping with an experienced industry editor, Cornerstones can help.

We select our editors carefully. Some are agented and published authors; others have worked within the industry for years as commissioning editors, publishers, or agents. Matching you with the right editor is an important part of the process.

Please note: we filter submissions, only taking on material we feel has potential and is at the self-editing stage.

PACKAGES (fiction and non-fiction):

The Evaluation Report is a 2–3-page summary letter with editor’s comments in the manuscript margins. The object of this report is to highlight a manuscript’s potential, what works, and what needs work. This report is also useful for a returning author who has made changes and wants to know if they’re on the right track.

The Editorial Letter is a 6–10-page thorough critique by a core or market editor that details what works in the manuscript and gives examples of what needs attention. Areas analyzed may include (but are not limited to) pacing, scene structure, characterization, plot, voice, style, and market potential. This report is for manuscripts requiring a more involved assessment.

An optional 90-minute brainstorm session may be purchased with the Editorial Letter.

The Full Edit is a complete digital mark-up of your manuscript with an overview letter of 2–3 pages. It is ideal if you are looking to equip yourself with the tools to bring your MS to publication standard, are short on time and looking to do a final industry polish, pre-copyedit/proofread. The editor will identify every instance of structural issues so that you can self-edit quickly and with confidence.

If you are looking for one-on-one support, Workshopping is a great option and you can use it however you want, whether that’s reading your full MS or just a few scenes; working through show not tell; brainstorming your plot; or preparing your submission package.

Are You Ready to Submit? looks at your query letter, 1-page synopsis and first 3 chapters—or up to 30 double-spaced pages—to assess whether your package is ready to send to an agent or editor.

BY INVITATION ONLY: The Scout Read is a full read-through of your MS by an market or industry editor, who will read it as an agent would. You will receive a summary of the marketability of the MS, what is and isn’t working, and what your next steps might be – including, if applicable, consideration by the Cornerstones Team for submission to agents.

*At this time we do not assess picture books.

*Contact us for proofreading and copy-editing work.

Our CORE editors are agented writers and experienced editors, many of whom also teach creative writing.

Our MARKET editors have worked in publishing for a minimum of three years, are already established authors, and may teach creative writing or freelance as book reviewers.

Our INDUSTRY editors have worked in a publishing house or agency for many years at a senior level (commissioning editors, editorial directors at publishing houses, and senior agents); or are multi-bestselling authors.


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Please do not hesitate to get in touch to talk through any of these packages so we can choose which one will work best for you. We look forward to hearing from you!