“I have no doubt that Cornerstones helped me on my way to a publishing contract. Their advice was constructive and professional and helped me approach my manuscript in a completely different way.”

Anne-Marie Conway, Star Makers Club, Usborne

About us

Welcome to Cornerstones U.S.! I am the Managing Editor, and am thrilled that you have found us. Formerly, I was an agent at Writers House for almost 25 years, and am now bringing my 30 years of publishing and agenting experience to our authors. We are proud to be part of the Cornerstones family, the long-standing No. 1 literary consultancy in the UK. Cornerstones is bringing its unique and extensive range of editorial services to the American corner of the world. Every character has an origin story, and while we originally hail from the U.K., the Cornerstones U.S. team is an outstanding group of experienced home-based story editors, with a sharp knowledge of what American agents and publishers are looking for.


We are the writer’s friend, and are here to help writers work to the best of their creativity and energy. Our principles are rooted in respect for the remarkable creativity it takes to write a book—any book, about any story, told in any voice. Cornerstones U.S. looks at every client personally and individually, customizing our editorial packages for each particular project. We bring insight, expertise, and above all, our creative passion to each and every story.


We assess every submission, and review your work to ensure that you are at the right stage to work productively with an editor. Whether you are ready for a detailed editorial letter, a full line edit, or workshopping, we will match you with the right service and editor. Cornerstones’ services are designed to give every writer the tailored editorial guidance they need to move their projects forward. We aim to provide our writers with powerful editorial tools that will help them as they continue to work on their writing. Cornerstones works at the speed of writing culture—always bringing up-to-the-minute editorial expertise and knowledge to every project we edit, workshop, and polish.


I am here as an added resource to our clients and am always available to answer your questions, and help you figure out what your best next steps should be!


Check out our services and pricing tiers on our rate card. Follow us on Twitter, and check the website for blog posts and our newsletter. We hope to be reading your work soon!


Michele Rubin

Managing Editor, Cornerstones U.S.

New York City


The Team

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